Adult Training

We are all about bringing you the best in martial arts and self-defense. Our instructor are the best in the area and at their chosen style of martial arts. Providing you with a well rounded training will better prepare you for what is out there in the streets to protect yourself and you loved ones.


Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate is a street based self-defense system of martial arts created by Ed Parker, characterized by the use of quick moves in rapid-fire succession intended to overwhelm an opponent. It is largely marketed as a self-defense system, and is derived from traditional Japanese martial arts and other martial arts such as Southern Chinese kung fu found in the cultural melting pot of Hawaii.

Parker introduced significant modifications in his art, including principles, theories, and concepts of motion as well as terminology, throughout his life. He left behind a large number of instructors who teach many different versions of American Kenpo as Ed Parker died before he named a successor to his art.


Jiu Jitsu & MMA

Jiu Jitsu is a ground base martial arts and self-defense system. Have been around for hundreds of years and developed in Japan Jui Jitsu is one of the more powerful styles of martial arts as you have to control and over come you enemy.

MMA is Mixed Martial Arts a rounded form of martial arts that touches base on a few different styles that are blended together to make you the ultimate fighting machine.

What are you waiting for come and stop on in and see what we are all about. You are not going to find better training in the area then right here.